Join to the biggest world’s charity.

we all have Responsibility for
“this world”

By being treated at whathospitals you will give a chance to help people all around the world.(specially children in poor countries)

One of the mission to create whathospitals is making the world better place for all kind of the people.

We are providing free treatment for people in poor countries,by joining to our family in whathospitals you will give a chance to people who needs help.


About us

Our mission is making the world better place to live

We are living in a family which we call it “the world”.

Its no different which colour you are or which language you speak

We provide “the best medical solution” for our dear family.

“Be as a member of our family”

"Whathospitals" team workers

  • Translators who can provide the most suitable language which you prefer to speak.
  • Our doctor coordinators choose the most worthy hospitals or doctors for your treatment in the shortest possible time.
Dr Elnaz Kiani

Dr Elnaz Kiani

WhatHospitals Owner and Manager

It is my pleasure to introduce myself to my lovely clients

This is elnaz and  I have graduated Doctorate of veterinary medicine in Iran(Teh university).

After working a years in the field of medical I decided to launch a website for people who need to be

treated in other countries except  their origins.

Our goal is helping  people all around the world and to share this happiness

You can join and be as a member of our family

What Hospitals ?

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